Raising Entrepreneurial Youth

Raising Entrepreneurial Youth

The final organization of the project entitled “Raising Entrepreneurial Youth” project sponsored by İSTKA and KOSGEB within the scope of “Financial Support Program for Supporting Entrepreneurship, Skills and Future for Children and Young People”, Istanbul Development Agency’s (İSTKA) Union of Tradesmen and Artisans Chambers Union and Economists Association held in Eminönü Legacy Ottoman Hotel on November 12, 2013. In addition to Faik Yilmaz (President of Istanbul Chamber of Tradesmen and Artisans,), Cüneyt Asan (the founder of Günaydın Meat and Restaurants) and many other important people attended the event. The Chairman of the Economists Association, Dr. Oğuz Demir, also attended as a speaker and made a presentation on competitiveness and entrepreneurship in the new world. Ertan Aksoy, our Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, was also present at this event.

Faik YILMAZ, President of Istanbul Chamber of Craftsmen and Artisans (İSTESOB), defines artisans and craftsmen as “the backbone of the economy” and says “Tradesmen and artisans are the central pillar of this country. Two millions of tradesmen and craftsmen will be active in commercial life with their businesses and bring economic vitality to life. It will contribute to the production, employment, development and enrichment by the activities of tradesmen and craftsmen. These businesses will be able to grow more healthy in appropriate working conditions and support the country’s development.”

Chairman of the Economists Association Dr. Oğuz Demir said that in the field of economic policy, they are non-governmental organizations where thinkers and producers come together so that Turkey can get better and become a more developed and more prosperous country. “We are very happy to feel that we are adding value to the country with projects like this. It is important to keep pace with the rapid development in Turkey and in the world, and it is imperative to have knowledge and use it effectively in this process. ”

Supported by Istanbul Development Agency, under the partnership of the Economists Association and the project implemented by ISTESOB, 100 young people received education. At the end of the day, with the support of KOSGEB, a certificate was also issued to facilitate the use of credit for those participating in the 100 hour training course on modules entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, e-commerce, active citizenship, and Turkish Commercial Code.

Istanbul Chamber of Craftsmen and Artisans Union and Economists Association has implemented the “Raising Entrepreneur Youth” project supported by İSTKA within the scope of “Financial Support Program for Supporting Entrepreneurship, Skills and Future for Children and Young People”. Within the scope of the project, entrepreneurship training programs for vocational school students will be organized between 23 September 2013 – 11 October 2013 and 21 October 2013 – 12 November 2013. A total of 100 students will participate in the trainings organized as 4 groups of 25 persons and the trainings will be arranged in 2 separate classes simultaneously.

Young people will receive applied entrepreneurship training using laptops in their training classes equipped with ISTKA support.

In the trainings which will be approved by KOSGEB, these topics will be given theoretically and practically;

  1. Testing of entrepreneurship characteristics, business idea development and creativity exercises
  2. Marketing Plan
  3. Production Plan
  4. Management Plan
  5. Financial Plan
  6. Things to note in the writing and presentation of the Business Plan
  7. Active citizenship and entrepreneurship
  8. The new Turkish Commercial Code and the issues that entrepreneurs should pay attention to
  9. E-Commerce
  10. Social entrepreneurship

These will be the trainers in the training programme;

  • Hikmet AYTEK • Ahu Tuğba KARABULUT • Furkan ÖZCAN • Nuri ERDEM • Filiz BÜLBÜL • Cüneyt ARI

The training programs of the first two classes will start on September 23, 2013 and will be organized in the ISTESOB Training and Service Center training classes between 16.00-20.50 every day on weekdays.

The second training program will start on October 21, 2013 and end on November 12, 2013. In addition to the KOSGEB applied entrepreneurship training certificate, the participant who completes the training program will be issued a certificate for the other training modules he / she has received.

An event will be held on 11.12.2013 Wednesday at the Eminönü Legacy Hotel and the Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr Oğuz Demir will also be a speaker on the closing event of the Raising Entrepreneurial Youth Project sponsored by the Istanbul Development Agency and Kosgeb in partnership with the Economists Association and Istanbul Chamber of Tradesmen and Artisans. The content related to the event is shared below.

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