Black Sea Silk Road Corridor Project

Black Sea Silk Road Corridor Project


General Goals

  • Supporting local economic development through the joint tourism efforts specified in the Black Sea Basin
  • To increase the number of experienced visitors in the tourist sites of the partner countries of the Black Sea Basin
  • Encouraging cultural co-operation through cross-border partnerships
  • Promoting the conservation of tourist attractions and cultural monuments regarding biodiversity through regenerative tourism activities

Specific Goals

  • Establishing cross-border tourism called the Black Sea Silk Road, that can be used as an international tour product between the partner countries and within themselves.


  1. To create a thematic travel route of more than 192 historic, cultural and natural areas, that includes information boards in different languages, navigation boards and hiking trails in Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, and Greece.
  2. Create Black Sea Silk Road APPs for smartphones (iPhone / iPad, Android, Windows, Blackberry) and PDA / Mobile Web formats. This APP includes a multi-language option for GPS navigation, multimedia, and other interactive features.
  3. Supporting local economic development by creating a list of online apps and services directory that includes local entertainment, food, guide and other tourist service providers.
  4. Promoting this project as a tour package in the tourism industry through social networks, industry meetings, strategic marketing exhibitions and paid applications and online applications.

Expected results at the end of the project

  1. Black Sea Silk Road Project, which continues with five work-business partners from Armenia, Georgia, Turkey and Greece countries; takes place in 3000 km tourist hotline passes through Armenia, Georgia, Greece, and Turkey, thus increasing local economic opportunities.
  2. Black Sea Silk Road Project aims to improve economic development with the support of founders and supportive local services, through promotion in the tourism sector, through employment and service packaging, through increased awareness on this issue, and through the achievements of communities working through travel.
  3. In this project a platform will be created for development around the world by promoting thematic tour tracks such as signs and panels, using online viral advertising, add-ons on smartphones, virtual travel, and internet portal.
  4. Public celebrations, promotion in the tourism sector and online marketing will be possible with the contributions of online promotional service guides, mobile and local tourism industry supporters.
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