The Economists Platform has been operating since 2000 to be a reference non-governmental organization in the field of economic policies in Turkey.

EkP is an independent non-profit economic and public policy research institution founded on the idea that independent policy research takes a crucial role in sustainable economic growth. Established in 2000 in Istanbul, EkP assisted local administrations, policy-makers, and business society to support the economic development of the country both in micro and macro policy level with its wide network of research experts.

With its young and dynamic volunteers and national and international relations developed over a decade, the Economists Platform continues to work to present a model of idea institution for Turkey.

The Economists’ Platform continues to operate within three main areas of annual projects. These are;

1-) New Economy: The convergence of the Turkish economy and all sectors with a competitive structure based on innovation and knowledge is crucial for long-term growth performance. We are making research and project applications for this purpose with sectoral and regional analyzes in this framework.

2-) Economic Stability: Economic stability is one of the most fundamental factors for the robust and reliable growth performance of the Turkish economy. We follow the current economic developments in this framework and prepare analyzes and evaluations and share them with the relevant institutions.

3-) EU Membership Process: The European Union membership process is the most important economic and social objective in front of Turkey. In this context, we are working on EU-Turkey relations and international economic developments affecting these relationships.


EkP’s main mission is to provide objective economic analysis and to foster the quality of policy-making to promote sustainable economic growth in Turkey.


EkP aims to be the reference policy-making research institution in Turkey with its objective and independent approach and wide network within the region.


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