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Fabian Bücheler

Fabian Bücheler is an economist with a specialization in the field of development economics. Having a particular interest for the MENA-region, he currently works on projects related to refugees and


Yavuz Çandır

Yavuz Çandır completed his high school education in Bakırköy High School in 2013. Then he earned the Economics Department of Istanbul Commerce University Business Administration Faculty in 2014. Yavuz Çandır

Muhammad Moiz

Muhammad Moiz is a researcher in the field of international economics and migrant studies.  He is currently working on the economic integration of Syrian refugees in Turkey.  He has several responsibilities

Oğuz Demir

Oğuz Demir graduated from Istanbul University Department of Economics and got his master degree at Istanbul Commerce University in the Department of International Trade. He continued his Ph.D. preparatory program


The Economists Platform has been operating since 2000 to be a reference non-governmental organization in the field of economic policies in Turkey. EkP is an independent non-profit economic and public

Pelin Sönmez

After completing her primary and secondary education in İzmir, she graduated from Başkent University Department of Political Science and International Relations. In 2002, she started her graduate education in the

Mücahit Çakıcı

Mücahit Çakıcı, born in Istanbul in 1994, completed primary and secondary education in Istanbul and high school education in 2012 in İzmir Teğmen Ali Riza Akıncı High School. Then he earned a

Canberk Türkeç

Canberk Türkeç was born in Istanbul in 1994. After graduating from Kazım İşmen high school, he started studying English Economics at the Faculty of Commerce of Istanbul Commerce University. In

Berna Dinç

Born in Istanbul in 1994, Berna DİNÇ is continuing her English Economics department, which was started at Istanbul Commerce University Faculty of Business Administration after her one-year training at Istanbul

Caner Otrakçı

He was born in 1990 in Ankara. After graduating from Nermin Mehmet Çekiç Anatolian High School in 2008, he completed his undergraduate education in Başkent University, Faculty of Economics and

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