Mücahit Çakıcı

Mücahit Çakıcı

Mücahit Çakıcı, born in Istanbul in 1994, completed primary and secondary education in Istanbul and high school education in 2012 in İzmir Teğmen Ali Riza Akıncı High School. Then he earned a full scholarship from the Department of Economics of the Istanbul Commerce University Faculty of Business Administration. After he completed his exchange at Bremen University, Germany, he served as a researcher at the International Black Sea Research Center (ICBSS) in Athens, under the Erasmus+ internship program.

He participated in the Black Sea Silk Road Project run by the Economists’ Association in 2014-15. He worked as an assistant student at the Istanbul Commerce University EU Application and Research Center.
He recently gained a BSc. degree in Economics from Istanbul Commerce University.
Mücahit Çakıcı has been working as a researcher at the head office of the Economists’ Association since 2014.
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