“Target: Health, Destination: Istanbul” Project

Accessibility to Turkey Place of Turkey in the Health Tourism and Reasons for Her Selection

Istanbul is the number one choice in the world for hair implantation, plastic surgery operations, eye treatments, in-vitro fertilization, physical rehabilitation, and hemodialysis.

Besides, foreign patients prefer Istanbul in nearly every branch of medicine, including plastic surgery, open-heart surgery, skin diseases, check-ups, cancer treatments, otorhinolaryngology, dialysis and cardiothoracic surgery, gynaecology, tumour operations, brain surgery, orthopaedics, and dentistry.


Istanbul for Health!

Development and facilitation of the communication between agencies and healthcare institutions will be one of the most important means to reveal the potential of Turkey’s health tourism.

Istanbul is gradually becoming among the better-known health centers in the world. Turkey, in its position in the center of the Middle East, Europe, Balkans and Africa, runs fast to be the hub for health tourism under the flagship of Istanbul thanks to its well-educated doctors and healthcare employees, easy access, means for travel to 62 countries, high healthcare technology advantages and other favors.


Turkey is running to the leader position in health tourism.

Selecting Turkey in medical tourism, geriatrics, thermal tourism and handicapped tourism brings many advantages along with it. Each tourist that selects Turkey for health tourism guarantees to be treated by the experienced doctors in Turkey thanks to its state-of-art hospitals. Visitors have the means for accommodation in facilities close to healthcare institutions where they are to be treated. They also benefit from the advantages of urban life allowing for entertainment and rest options and the unique natural beauties in Turkey spanning four seasons.

High-quality services are provided in turkey in four main categories of health tourism with high technology and competitive prices.


“Target: Health, Destination: Istanbul” project

Thanks to this project, each tourist who becomes a visitor in Turkey for health tourism is guaranteed to get the most competitive and advantageous services.

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