Mobile Technology Mobile Employment

Project Objective:

  • In the field of mobile services and internet technologies, to contribute to increasing of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship capacity of young people living in Istanbul, thus facilitating their participation in economic and social life.

Special Purpose:

  • The development of expertise and knowledge level that will make it easier for young people to use the internet and mobile technology for their benefits.
  • Development of youth entrepreneurial skills.
  • Ensuring the integration of young entrepreneurs in the internet and mobile services sector, which are the most important sectors in this era.

Expected Results:

  • As a result of the project, Internet and Mobile Technology Development Laboratory will be established.
  • 100 young entrepreneurs will participate in 180 hours of training in mobile services development and communication. As a result of training to be realized in 3 groups, a total of 540 hours of training will be given.
  • Within the scope of the project, 100 youngsters will be brought together with existing entrepreneurs and best practices will be shared and provided.
  • With the Career Program, the necessary infrastructure will be developed to bring businesses together with qualified, project-minded young people and to co-operate with new projects.
  • At the end of the project, it is expected that 25 young people will be able to find jobs in mobile services and internet based sectors and at least 25 young people will start their own projects in the sector.
  • With the new entrepreneurship conference held in Istanbul, an international conference will be held with the participation of 200 people, discussing the internet, mobile services and entrepreneurship issues all over Turkey.
  • Consultants for entrepreneurial youths will be provided by 2 consultants for 3 months to establish and maintain business.
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