Youth Resolves This Crisis Project

Youth Resolves This Crisis Project


– Ensuring inter-cultural sustainable dialogue and cultural integration between Europe and Turkey.

– Developing strategies to familiarize young people with the political decision-making processes and mechanisms.

– To ensure that young people participate in democratic life and to break up the indifference that prevents them from participating in this life

– To train young people about political science, decision-making mechanism, and European Union issues.

– To provide knowledge and awareness to young people which will equip them to analyze global trends in a political, social, and economic way

-To equip youth of knowledge through which they can form and express their own opinions.


– Informing project partners about the procedure and goals.

– Making preliminary study visit meetings and informing participant leaders about the project

– Preparing videos for the Asian Production Crisis

– Training seminar on decision-making and implementation processes of the European Union, European Parliament, and European Commission

– Organizing a workshop to increase the active participation of young people in European Union decision making mechanisms

– Seminar on “2008 US Crisis and Effects on European Economy”

– Workshop on youth unemployment

– Launching 2014 Asian Production Crisis video

– Forming four committees about the main topics mentioned above and start workshops about emergency measurs package.

-Compiling findings of the committees into a main report

– Submission of the prepared emergency measure package to the approval of all participants.

– Declaration of the urgent measures package to the European Parliament, European Union member countries, the European Central Bank and European economic organizations

Expected results of the Project

-At the end of the project, it is expected to become an EU citizen with information about 50 generic EU decision-making mechanisms, able to analyze agenda problems, be politicized and sensitive to EU problems. From the first day until the last day of the project, all the participants have set out with the goal of becoming active citizens of Europe. The practicality and the theoretical orientation of the workforce has also increased the knowledge and skills of the project participants. With the completion of the project activities, a platform was established in which the participating youth can continue to communicate with each other through printed material and the website that was created.

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