Istanbul Experience Lab

Istanbul Experience Lab

The Eco-Lab was founded in 2017 by the Economists Association. A variety of training and seminar programs have been conducted in laboratories which consists of 30 Apple iMac computers.

In Turkey, many new universities have been established in the last 15 years and almost all universities offer education and training services in economics and related departments. Students who have graduated from the vast majority of universities for different reasons have difficulty in finding jobs due to lack of quality in the labor market, abundance of labor power supply. On the other hand, the private sector constantly raises the quality problems and the need for experience of new graduates in relation to the training in universities.

With this in mind, the Economist Association has developed the Experience Development Program to contribute to the process of preparing young graduates for the labor market who lack experience in economics and related departments due to curriculum boundaries and resource constraints of universities. The EDP (Experience Development Program) has the aim of using the theoretical knowledge they have in current practice, facilitating research and analysis skills through practical work in the development and entry processes.

EDP provides the following services with focus on implementation and experience

  • Analysis and follow-up on current economic developments, participation in joint research activities, opportunity to meet experienced people in seminars and network development opportunities,
  • Rich resource and discussion environment,
  • Working with an individual mentor support,
  • Taking part in the publications of the Economists Association as part of the evaluation results and introducing oneself.
  • At the end of the program participants have to convert their work into at least 2 posts.
  • Participants will take part in publications such as “Economy Diary”, “Economy in 1 Minute” published by Economists Platform one day during the program.
  • Research studies will be conducted in groups of two.
  • Each group will be a research mentor.

Those who are successful at the end of the program will receive Certificate of Achievement and Economists Association Trainee Certificate. Within the program, reference letters based on the publications in which the participants are included will be given. Participants will be directed to the institutions within the network of Economists Association for job applications.


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