Attendance at Migration Summer Schools in Piran, Slovenia and Bologna, Italy in 2017

Attendance at Migration Summer Schools in Piran, Slovenia and Bologna, Italy in 2017

Two separate migration summer schools were attended by Muhammad Moiz from Ekonomistler Platformu. The courses were attended in order to gain learn the latest skills, knowledge, and tools used in migration studies today. The summer school in Slovenia focused on the European Union and the Mediterranean Region in terms of migration. The different seminars at the school included the legal framework for asylum seekers in the EU, EU migration policy, multidimensional security of migration, challenges for current EU migration policy, and media’s role and representation of migration.

The summer school in Italy focused on a multidisciplinary approach towards migration. The seminars at the school included labor market integration, circular migration and voluntary return, mental health and trauma in migration, responsible communication on migration, and country of origins for migrants. The school was a great opportunity to learn from the other attendees and network with them. It was especially great because participants came from many different countries and came from various different organizations working on different migrant issues.

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