Syrians in Turkey: Education Brief

Syrians in Turkey: Education Brief

In a situation where first aid and basic necessities are the priority, education is not far behind. In refugee situations, there is always the fear of children losing out on their future due to a lack of education. Children are also the most vulnerable in a refugee situation since they can be exploited for work, trafficked, etc. Therefore, it is essential to provide educational facilities for refugees to ensure that they have a bright future ahead of them. Turkey being the host to the highest number of refugees in the world, it holds a great responsibility to ensure that these refugees not only have the basic necessities but also have educational facilities that complement their future well-being.

Refugees under the Temporary Protection Status in Turkey have the right to free education in government educational institutes. The Government of Turkey is providing educational facilities to Refugees in Turkey. Although, the number of children out of school seems to be quite high according to a UNHCR report (2017). This could be a result of many different factors such as children in the workforce, children not having a nearby educational facility, children not having access to transport to travel to school, etc. Therefore, in order to increase children’s education, it may be necessary to first analyse the factors that prevent them from getting an education and tackling those factors from a policy perspective. The Government of Turkey has also taken steps towards providing language classes and vocational trainings for refugees residing in Turkey. It is imperative that more positive steps be taken to educate the refugees and assist in brightening their future.

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Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.
~Malcolm X

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