Syrian Investors in Turkey

Syrian Investors in Turkey

The influx of Syrians in Turkey has led to a sharp increase in the investments made by Syrians in Turkey. They have established thousands of businesses since 2011, leading to economic activity and self-sufficiency on behalf of the Syrians in Turkey. In the wake of such a large influx, the businesses established by Syrians have been able to assist Syrians in acquiring jobs and become self-sufficient in their lives in Turkey. The number of investments has been increasing by the years, businesses are being established by Syrians are springing up in cities with Syrian populations. A large number of businesses have been established in cities with a high number of Syrians, in Istanbul, Syrian businesses can be spotted in many districts across the city. It is important to realize the potential of these markets and investors to the economy of Turkey as well as to the Syrians that have come to Turkey.

Currently, the number of businesses established by Syrians in 2017 is set to surpass 2,000 business in this year. The increasing number of Syrians and businesses established by Syrians is a positive sign that they are trying to become self-sufficient and add to the Turkish economy. Business support services are one way that existing and new business owners can improve their performance. Currently, there are very limited or no such support services in place, if in place they could be very beneficial to the Syrian community of business owners and investors.

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