SESYR Project

SESYR Project

Social Entrepreneurship Support for Young Refugees (SESYR)

The Economists’ Association along with two partners has been selected for an Erasmus+ Programme, Call EAC-A05-17 “Capacity Building in the field of youth – Eastern Partnership window”. The project is in partnership with AMAP Human Development NGO (Armenia) and European Expression (Greece).

The project’s main priority is to create a network of young refugees in the partner countries interested in social entrepreneurship and provide them with tools and techniques to better plan and manage funding, investment and business management in the social entrepreneurship sector. Apart from introducing the participants to the theoretical concepts of creating and developing a social enterprise, teaching and guiding them through the best practices, the Project will also give the participants a platform to devise their own project/startup ideas that would directly solve migration-related problems. The project stresses the significance of involving the target group that is the young people who hold a refugee status in Project countries, in all the phases of the Project implementation, thus empowering them to speak up about their own problems and needs and together find solutions. The project also aims at creating an online platform that can be used by anyone during and after the completion of the project. The online platform will provide support services to anyone intending to endeavor into social entrepreneurship.


Previous Labor Market Situation of Syrians in Turkey

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